RFID Can be Cloned!

The DEF CON security event in Las Vegas last weekend saw Francis Brown, partner at security firm BishopFox gave a great speech called 'RFID Hacking: Live Free or RFID Hard'. Brown talked about weaknesses in RFID technology at the Black Hat USA Conference in 2013 where he touched upon aspects such as low frequency RFID and the dangers involved.

However this year he talked about the total opposite, in high frequency RFID often found in credit cards and passports, which can be blocked by our Wallet Wall product.  

"Most people when they think of RFID hacking are typically not the things they really need to worry about," Brown said. "Most people think of RFID in credit cards and mobile payments, and those really aren't huge risks."

RFID Cloning Weaknesses

Brown mentions that the dangers revolve around malicious strong high distance readers which can read and then clone an entry card and then gain access to physical hardware. 

Our top tip is to always carry your entry card in your Wallet Wall if you work in relevant sectors, in order to prevent such a thing happening.

"Basically what the system does is it checks your RFID card information to see if you belong in the building, and then it checks to see if the finger you are using is the same fingerprint that is stored on the card," Brown explained. "So if I stole your card, I'd make a copy of your card, then I'd switch out your fingerprint with my fingerprint, and then the system would just verify my fingerprint with the stolen copied card."