RFID in Glastonbury?! London Fashion Week?

Its no coincidence that even big events like London fashion week and Glastonbury are beginning to adopt the powerful uses of RFID. 

With RFID helping embrace and tighten security teams, technology has only sped up the interest of hosting these huge events. 

So how can RFID help security? 

One of the biggest problems with large events in the past - have been counterfeit tickets. If you go to any event, or any festivals, you'll see a mass of people outside looking to see off counterfeit tickets for knock down prices. Especially with desperate festival goers, these people usually make a killing. 

A new RFID system allows tickets to embed a secure database which features tiny RFID chips which make forging these practically impossible. 

Not only this, but the RFID tags give the managers full control over who is where, and help monitor attendance flow. Obviously we are against mass surveillance - but when it seems like RFID can do a good cause we're all for it.