The NFL has announced a new partnership with Zebra Technologies, a specialist in digital and wearable technology, to test RFID chips in football players shoulder pads. 

The tests will collect data on player individual skill levels, such as how fast certain players are, and this information is to be made interactively available to viewers at home. 

So next time you're using the NFL app, you can check the 'Next Gen Stats' option which should display player speeds for all your fantasy league glory. 

Within the app, the NFL hopes to personalize fans experiences durig game time as well as making for a more engaging and more fulfilling game experience. 

"We will tie Next Gen Stats into every replay that comes into the Xbox,"said Todd Stevens, executive producer at Microsoft. "Replays like a one-yard touchdown run, you don't really need Next Gen Stats. But some of these plays, like a long pass play, are truly spectacular. We wanted to give them a bit of special sauce."

The NFL has previously made certain statistics publicly available, but this will be the first time where fans are able to see this data anywhere and anytime. 

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