Our Story

Meet the team

~ How we became the company that genuinely cares for the safety and security of our users.

We're a small team of privacy enthusiasts, who genuinely care about protecting your privacy. Outside of Wallet Wall we're active campaigners on online privacy, and hold active stances on surveillance and privacy in the modern day and era. 

Our founder, David, comes from a privacy background, where he worked with some of the worlds top Internet security companies before turning to helping ordinary concerned citizens protect their wallet contents with RFID wallets. 

Our passion for surveillance and security is stemmed with our passion for building brand advocates, using a retail company as a vehicle to fight against mass surveillance and privacy. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring an awareness to the world, of an increasingly worrying trend of RFID scanning use. Where cyber criminals use scanners to steal the contents of your wallet without you even knowing it. 

We also campaign frivolously for Internet privacy rights, where we're now in a new digital age where we are seeing a power struggle between ordinary people and Governments wanting full mass surveillance over the world.

"Electronic Pickpocketing is just one criminal activity on the rise, however the fight against mass surveillance is one we also want to highlight"

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