The Wallet Wall

Your privacy is constantly at risk in this new era. Protect yourself while maintaining a seamless and secure RFID wallet for men and women.
Protecting your identity doesn't have to be difficult anymore thanks to Wallet Walls wireless, safe, reliable and secure RFID wallet - which helps protect and block contents within your wallet from being stolen via RFID transmissions. 

RFID Blocking Wallet

We have designed a state of the art RFID protecting wallet which looks great, as well as made from real cow hide, forming a balance of safe security, and impeccable fashion. 

RFID, or radio frequency identification, makes many things quicker and more convenient. The RFID tag in your credit card allows you to make contactless payments, without having to sign or type in your PIN. The RFID tag in your passport makes the line at the airport go much faster, so you aren’t waiting around for your vacation to begin. 

But like anything you keep valuables in, you need to protect your RFID-embedded belongings. It’s no different from keeping your cash hidden from pickpockets. Of course it’s safe to carry cash, even though there’s a tiny chance of being pickpocketed. And it’s the same with RFID. Although it’s essentially safe, a little bit of protection in the form of an RFID wallet could be worth your while.