Prevent Data Theft

RFID Identity Theft has been around for years. However in the last 3-4 years, cyber criminals are increasingly using this method to steal contents of peoples wallets without them even realising. 

RFID theft, is a form of identity theft, where criminals compromise an individuals personal belongings using radio frequency waves. Often the victims are clueless before it's too late. 

Wireless Identify Theft

Also known as 'contactless identity theft', this is a topic which is a constantly growing threat - not only because more cyber criminals are turning to this method of theft, but also through educating consumers around the dangers of leaving your data open to theft. 

According to Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, RFID identity theft is "a pretty serious issue" and "the contactless (wireless) card design is inherently flawed".

There are many efforts currently undergoing to educate consumers, individuals and companies about the dangers of radio frequency identification devices, as well as attempting to initiate legislation over the use of Radio Frequency Identification devices by governments and 3rd party Government agencies

Protect yourself from Card Skimming

If you own touch pay cards, cards which allow you to pay by hovering your card over a touch pad, then you're in even more danger of card skimming. Although these are the most common forms of wireless identity theft - they are by far not the only types. 

Unfortunately, the convenience of not having to put your PIN into a reader everytime you pay, comes with dire consequences of cyber criminals able to skim your card, and steal your details. 

Currently, the only way to defeat this criminal act, is to invest in a RFID blocking wallet, or one which you can flip open to pay - which when closed, criminals cannot read your data. 

This is the exactly the type of wallet Wallet Wall is, and you can purchase one directly through this site. 

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