Stop Government Surveillance

Government surveillance is an increasingly important topic. 

Governments, working with 3rd party agencies like the NSA and the GCHQ around the world are looking for increasing ways to control the mass public. Click here to see a frightening timeline of Government spying. 

Did you know your driving license includes an RFID chip? This could mean that when in large groups, spies can easily and quickly scan a large area for RFID presence and identify large groups swiftly. 

This is a breach of privacy, and should not be allowed. 

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RFID Surveillance

Governments around the world, including prominent global cities like Hong Kong are looking to make it illegal for individuals to be in public without an identity card, which contains an RFID chip. This again means, that governments can identify you when in a large group without even seeing your face. 

This could also mean that many individuals, could be the victim of 'being in the wrong place at the wrong time' and be accused of a crime they did not commit. 

These are all scary thoughts - but there are ways to combat this. 

When you have any RFID tags on your body, this is visible to anyone carrying an RFID reader. And with reader technology increasing in complexity and technology, this means that your details can be read from afar. 

Read our guides to get clued up on contemporary government tactics and methods before you go out: 


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